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Secure Online Giving

It's EASY!

Supporting GoodLife Church's ministry is easy!  We offer THREE ways to support our ministry for Christ!

   * Regular Offering Plates; 

   * Checks Send Via Mail; and

   * Online Through this "Secure Online Giving" Portal.


Rest assured! Your Online giving is totally secured by Kindrid Giving, one of the most trusted online giving services on the internet. Best of all, it has been used and trusted by churches for many years!

Two Ways To Donate!

GoodLife's Giving Page provides TWO ways for donors to give: the "Give Now" or "Sign In".


The "Sign In" option does require the donor's email and password if they have already registered for a donor profile. If your donors has not previous registered for a donor profile, they will need to click on "Register for an account" (displayed at the bottom).

We encourage donors to register for a donor profile because that allows them to make a one-time gift, schedule recurring donations, and view their own contribution history.

Get The App

Donations to GoodLife Church can also be made via Kindrid's MinistryOne app. This app will let you give via your phone or texting. For more info on the app visit  or download it from your Apple Store or Google Play store.

Customize Your Online Donations!

* May be paid by credit or debit cards

* May be used for a one-time gift.

* May be used for regular giving to replace the
     need to make regular offerings with offering

Designate Your Donation!

You donation may be directed to one of the funds listed. These include:

1) GoodLife Church General Fund...for support of our General Fund.

2) GoodLife Church Other...for special designated giving, memorials and donations. 

3) GoodLife OFFSITE Ministry to support our bi-county "Beyond The Walls" ministry 

4) GoodLife Memorials...for donations for General Fund, GoodLife Offsite or other approved areas of ministry support.

Choose Which Option Best Suits You!

Kindrid charges a 2.9% service fee for processing your gift. This fee is automatically added to your donation. You may opt to have the 2.9% be included in your gift instead of added to it.

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