Welcome BACK To GoodLife Church

GoodLife Church is committed to addressing
concerns for your health and safety as we restart

our in-person, in-house worship life.

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GoodLife's On-Site Worship has begin on Sunday, May 31st, at 9:30 am and continues to meet each Sunday, 9:30 am.

We have LONG-AWAITED the restart. However, as we do our leadership has been meeting online every week during the Covid-19 quarantine, studying and discussing how we can worship together in a safe, healthy manner.

                  + PHASE TWO RE-OPENING +

                             Some Guidelines To Help Us Stay Healthy...TOGETHER!



PHASE TWO of our re-opening invites people to worship inside our sanctuary using social distancing. Those who prefer to remain quarantined can do so by joining us in worship via our short-distance FM 96.1 simulcast of the worship. We will also continue to broadcast our worship on FaceBook Live via our GoooLifeChurchRH Facebook site.

 HOLY COMMUNION will be celebrated in Phase  Two in a socially distant manner.

        a) Communion packets including a small cup of wine and a wafer will be distributed to each communicant who are inside their cars.

       b) Communion will be set up in a socially-distant manner in front of the altar. Communicant will come forward to take the elements and partake of them after returning to their seats.

* Offerings will be received in a socially distant way during the service. Offerings may also be given ONLINE at this
       website or mailed in.

* After the service, worshipers may leave or meet in the parking lot for socially-distanced "meet and greet."


As we are not able to offer individual, professional testing and sanitizing for COVID-19, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE all
       worshipers to follow these guidelines out of respect and love for others.

1) STAY HOME if you have a cough, feel a fever, feel faint or just don't feel 110% well.  

2) If you  don't feel well, DON'T come to church. Instead, GO TO YOUR DOCTOR  or Hospital ASAP. The longer Covid has a chance to infect a person untreated, the greater the danger. This is a very serious virus!!! 

3) AVOID CONTACT: Don't shake hands or hug. ANY and ALL physical contact should be AVOIDED.

4) WEAR A MASK when outside of your car with others. Wearing a mask helps contain chances of you spreading
      potentially infectious droplets of moisture. 

5) SING, but sing SOFTLY. Loud, boisterous singing spews greater amounts of moisture droplets up to

6) BE AWARE OF WIND DIRECTION: When outside, stand UPWIND together with others you enjoy their presence in
      a socially-distanced manner. NEVER BE DOWNWIND of others or have others downwind of you!  The standard
     "Six Feet" social distancing may not be enough in high winds!

7) SANITIZE. Keep hand sanitizer near you at ALL times--in the car, in your pocket or purse. After each social engagement, sanitize your hands thoroughly for THIRTY SECONDS. Suggestion: sing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" three times!. And don't sing it fast, either! (Yes, your mother's voice is very important here!)

8) DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE without sanitizing first! Covid-19 and other illnesses is easily transmitted by touching one's unsanitized hands to one's eyes, nose and mouth. If you have an itch that needs scratching, SANITIZE FIRST!!!

9) SNEEZING And COUGHING: When you feel a sneeze or cough coming on, MOVE AWAY AND DOWNWIND AS FAR AS POSSIBLE of any person or persons around you. USE THE INSIDE OF YOUR ELBOW to contain your sneeze or cough to more completely contain potentially infected moisture droplets.

10) AVOID PASSING THINGS without wearing sanitized gloves of some kind.

During Phase Two:

To  help create a sanitized environment as well as we are reasonably able,

* Restrooms will be closed with exceptions for emergencies ONLY. This will be STRICTLY maintained.

* The drinking fountain will not be accessible. Feel free to bring your own bottled water or beverage.

* In-Person Contact will be minimized whenever possible.

* We reserve the right to limit the number of people who enter the building so that social distancing may be maintained.

* For the safety of everyone, especially our senior members, we reserve the right to ask people to leave if they are coughing, sneezing, or violating social distancing. 

* YOU may a ASYMPTOMATIC! Remember that Just because YOU feel good, doesn't mean you aren't a carrier who can spread the infection!!!


* BE SMART! DON'T HUG! Just because you don't care, aren't afraid, or feel good DOES NOT give you the right to unintentionally and unwittingly share the infection with others. 

* DON'T SHAKE HANDS! It's tempting...and, like many forms of casual physical  contact, it's part of our how we relate to each other. JUST DON'T!

* ELBOW BUMPS are a better way to maintain social distance.

* DON'T be "THAT GUY" who, by throwing caution and courtesy to the wind, spreads Covid-19 to others and risking their health.

* Don't let your political views affect your courtesy of observing the above for others. 

* Pray for GoodLife, our community, our state, our nation and our world as we deal with the pandemic.

We're In This Together In Christ To Make GoodLife As Safe, Healthy,
and Courteous as we possibly can!

Thanks for helping make this happen as safely as possible

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GoodLife Church's Church Council has been meeting every Wednesday via Zoom since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Each meeting we have considered various resources from the Michigan District-LCMS, articles regarding Covid-19 safety, and considering practices of other churches and groups that meet regularly.

Our goal, of course, is to get back to "Normal" in our worship and ministry life. As we work toward this goal, the Council will be working on this return to worship in phases.


We do not yet know what Phase TWO will be. We are, however, working quickly--yet cautiously--to safeguard our members' health while encouraging worship.

If you would like more information, contact Margie Luecke, Chmn or any Council member who has been regulary attending. Sandie Yagiela, Barry Jenkins and Eileen Hirsack have been especially helpful in helping develop safe guidelines and procedures for our re-start. If you would like to participate in our Zoom Online meetings, please contact Margie or Pastor for access.

THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE! We are sure to make some mistakes,
but we would rather move more slowly and err on the side of caution.
Thanks for your understanding!

Our Goal: Safe Ministry Inside AND BEYOND OUR WALLS!!!

Gethsemane is a founding partner with GoodLife Community Partnership of Rochester Hills.


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GoodLife Church is the former Gethsemane Lutheran Church. This ministry changed it's name to reflect our passionate sharing of Jesus Christ into this community. 

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