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How To Designate Your Online Giving

To Make Your Offering, Gift Or Donation To…

1) A SINGLE FUND, simply enter the required information and select the fund desired on the drop-down menu.


2) MULTIPLE FUNDS, you will need to make separate donations for each fund as follows: 
          * First, complete your donation for the first fund to which you want to donate. 
          * Then click the “+ Add Donation” text. Another window will appear so that you can make a 
                  donation to a second fund. 
          * Repeat as desired for additional funds.

Select From The THREE Funds Available:

1) “GENERAL BUDGET”—Donations to this fund support GoodLife Church’s on-site ministry and operations.

2) “GOODLIFE COMMUNITY”—Donations to this support GoodLife’s Off-Site outreach (e.g. Senior Community
         Outreach, etc.). 

3) “SPECIAL”—Donations to this are for Memorials and other special items. Some projects and memorials may
         require prior approval. Please contact the church office for more info.

Make Your Offering/Donation Automatic!

"MAKE THIS GIFT RECURRING" Check Box—This feature enables your donation to be made automatically at the interval you select. If you would like to make a regular (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) offering/donation, checking this box will automatically and securely make your offering on the date(s) you select.


Your selection may be easily changed at any time once you complete your Kindrid online giving registration. One-time donations do not require registration. ALL information provided is SECURE and CONFIDENTIAL!


Thanks for your valuable support of the Lord’s ministry through GoodLife! Because GoodLife and all it’s ministries are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, donations made to the above funds are tax-deductible as per IRS code. 



Please contact the church office for further information.

God Bless You for your support of GoodLife Church!


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